1. Sustainability
Sustainability, at its core, is the ability for something to endure indefinitely. Unfortunately, the way we are currently living on this planet doesn’t align with its natural systems. Our business plays a positive role in the shift towards a more aligned, sustainable way of living.

To achieve this, we use a sustainability lens to filter our product development and investment opportunities; selecting projects already possessing aligned or inherent characteristics for sustainable brand development.

Long-term, a circular economy approach drives us. Our products seek to maintain and optimize their value, design, and materials for as long as possible. As a result, waste and resource use are minimized. In addition, resources are kept within the economy once a product reaches the end of its life, used again and again to create additional value through more efficient production and use of goods and services.

This concept is inspired by natural ecosystems, which function in loops known as "closed systems" because they contribute to their resilience by optimizing the recycling of materials or waste. This is 100% different from our current take-make-waste unsustainable economic model.
We are deeply passionate about sustainability and the protection of the Earth for our future generations. However, social sustainability acts like a “gas pedal” on other issues; if people’s endeavors cannot meet their basic human needs, they won’t protect the Earth. Therefore, our key business areas center around creating value for people through their primary consumer needs; food commodities (and the support of farmers and agrifood business), household, recreation and lifestyle products, and health and nutrition.

We value family connections, and our business centers on products and services that use technology to strengthen family interaction vs. ones that create a more significant divide. We love the arts, the creativity of play, and the resulting positive emotions and humor it makes. Therefore, we focus on brands that foster art, creativity, play, humor, and participation across generations.
All successful endeavors begin with the end in mind. Our vision extends across multi-generations whereby our products’ quality or use will not undermine Earth’s natural systems nor diminish the quality of life expected for future generations. To achieve this, our organization is built upon our commitment to providing quality, safety, and transparency in our business products and services through the lens of sustainability. In addition, we value our customer’s trust and our long-term relationships with them.

Quality and safety are foundations of incredible value, and we’re committed to meeting the highest safety standards to become brands and products you know, love, and trust. In addition, quality is directly linked to our commitment to sustainability to ensure the products our customers select to purchase high performance within sustainability guidelines or are embedded into the very nature of the product itself.
We believe that the existing form of capitalism is broken and has created a very damaging scenario for humanity. For many years, our economic activities have far exceeded the limits to growth; bound by what Earth’s resources can provide and absorb downstream. Many forms of “business as usual” do not account for the costs of the natural services they pull from nature nor do they include a “give back” or regenerative approach.

We believe there’s a better way to operate within these ecological limits by rethinking how we do business. Wealth distribution and equity within these new systems achieve a better distribution of value in a supply chain, giving smaller, independent manufacturers while providing to value consumers. This is achieved by simplifying distribution systems and optimizing “direct-to-market” sales channels wherever possible. This results in better compensation for smaller manufacturers by reducing the number of “middlemen” in the sales channel and providing them with a greater profit volume. In addition, this new sales model allows support for niche and craft manufacturers to emerge, increasing the diversity of sustainable products and services available to consumers.
Technology is a fantastic enabler for our human insight, so we use technology and data to scale what we create. Our differentiator is we don't want to standardize the whole world, but we want to keep the uniqueness and imperfections, which is the essence of beauty.
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