We understand your limited options when it comes to investing

We provide a better alternative under our neo fund structure
World-class jurisdictions (SG, US)
Less capital required (than angel)
Justified risk with diversification
Up to 20% equity
We look for socially open and open-minded partners and investors. We do our homework, completing background checks before accepting any capital.
We are interested in investors who have similar values to us and support our mission to invest in global social and environmental projects that have a significant impact in making the world a better place.
Well-established capital position
We prefer to work with experienced investors who have invested before.
We support investors who own, possess or have access to capital of at least ten times (x10) the required amount.
Open public profiles
Synchronized values
Prior investment experience
Backed by
Antler (SG)
A global early-stage venture capital firm that builds and invests in the defining technology companies of tomorrow. Antler is backed by Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, founder of BCapital.
Accelerated by
A venture builder and investment group, launched by Shuhei Morofuji, Japanese billionaire, founder of SMS Japan (public company).
Reapra (JP, SG)
Atap club
As an AtapClub member, investors will receive complete and transparent weekly updates on the invested brand's performance In addition, members can provide feedback and contribute their ideas to the operational team.

We want to ensure that we build a strong rapport with each and every investor, and we expect them to reflect our values. This way, we can work together to achieve our goal of making the world a better place for future generations.
Within AtapClub we provide an opportunity for accepted investment partners to participate in each new brand's launch: investors will get up to a maximum equity allocation of 20% under Atap neo fund umbrella structure.
It will take you less than 5 mins to complete the form to get approved before We can Proceed with You to the next step (video meeting).