Ukrainian-born, first-generation entrepreneur Volodymyr started his career in offline retail.

Leading 1849PLC (JV with Warburg Pincus & Apollo) as Investment Director, Vol polished his negotiation and managerial skills, successfully closing several multi-million dollar deals and building an extensive portfolio of retail assets in Europe.

Debuting as an entrepreneur in 2009, Vol has successfully built and sold several start-ups and brands, multiplying investors’ money in the process. In addition, he has been advising and continues to advise the Ukrainian Government and International Institutions such as EBRD.

Inspired by HBS Prof. Clayton Christensen and driven by his mission to help the ‘small guys, ’ Volodymyr has moved into e-commerce. After graduating from the top SE Asia Accelerator Program (Antler), he launched Atapfund in Singapore in 2020, which is backed by Japanese-Singaporean leading investment group, Reapra.

Vol’s hobbies and interests include ice swimming, fly-yoga, and squash.
Serial entrepreneur
18+ years in business
Managed $160M retail transactions in emerging markets
3rd-time founder: prior had 2 successful exits
Ice swimming, HBS