Mission: Help SMEs and families to expand their businesses. We are committed to preserving legacies and expanding the wealth of our partners.

Help businesses safeguard nature, promote fairness and transparency and improve both manufacturers' and consumers' livelihood, encouraging mindful consumption.

Purpose of this Questionnaire.
So the purpose of this form is actually to create a more open-minded communication between and inside our community of partners, thos who are open-minded and interested in putting efforts together, who are interested to create more value and bring more to our venture, our society, and the world we live in.
Please answer questions or pick up options, provided in this questionnaire.
What was the main trigger of joining the Atap? and Why do you support and believe in its mission and its successful future?
Are you fine to be announced to other partner-investors in GCCNA? and to other partner-investors globally?
Can you do an interview for the local or global PR/ Media, regarding why you have decided on joining the Atap, and some other interesting topics?
What are your area of the expertise, where do you think we can work together?
Please provide a very high-level description, maybe 1-2 sentences, and/or a link.
Can you offer your office to launch rep. office of Atap?
in If YES, can you provide more details (photo, address, working hours, etc.?) What would be the terms, if we start with 1-2 people? Whats the best season to launch office?
Are you're open to joining optionally one of the new brands (not specifically linked to your geo-area)?
Joining other brands will give you a chance to have your equity allocated ealrier.
Some partners asked about diversification of their equity participation, are you fine with such approach?
For example, out of your 20% equity piece: 10% could be in one brand, and 10% in a different brand, would it be fine with you (* might not be applicable if you've signed up only for 10% participation initially)?
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